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This is a city-wide service – the address is for where the team is based.

The NHS Employment Support Service provides one-to-one employment support for people experiencing severe and enduring mental health conditions and who are accessing secondary mental health services (under the care of a Community Psychiatric Nurse, Psychiatrist or Psychologist).

Support can be provided to access competitive paid employment opportunities. An employment specialist will support each individual with confidence building, CV building, support with job search and applications, interview techniques and mock interviews, as well as in-work support once in employment.

If you are interested in using this service, ask your care coordinator to refer you or you can refer yourself directly by calling

07836 597356 or by

emailing: dwmh.wolverhampton.employmentsupport@nhs.net

Service is provided Monday – Friday 9am-5pm

This service follows the IPS (Individual Placement and Support) model; an evidence-based approach effective at supporting individuals with severe mental illnesses into paid employment (Bond, Drake & Becker, 2008). IPS is based on eight principles which are listed below:


  1. Every individual with a severe mental illness who has a desire to work is eligible for IPS employment support
  2. Employment specialists are embedded within mental health treatment services
  3. The aim is to find competitive paid employment opportunities. Employment can be for as little as one hour per week dependent on client preferences
  4. Information, guidance and signposting to benefits advice is available
  5. Job search occurs soon after the individual expresses an interest in finding employment
  6. Employment specialists develop relationships with employers based upon the client’s goals
  7. Job support is time-unlimited whilst under the care of secondary mental health services
  8. Support is focused towards each client’s personal preferences and goals.
Wolverhampton Employment Support Services
Penn Hospital
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