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Thrive Into Work (Wolverhampton city wide service)

The Thrive into Work programme is an experimental trial that will test a new employment support service for people with a mental health and/or physical health condition in primary and community care. The trial aims to find out how good this new service is at helping people to find work.

If you have a health condition (diagnosed or self-diagnosed) and are interested in getting help to get into paid work you’re welcome to contact us.

What is offered by the service we are testing? 

  • One-to-one support to suit your needs and employment goals.
  • Working with your health care team in primary and community care to help you manage any difficulties.
  • Benefits advice to find out if work could increase your income.
  • Help finding a job if you are not in paid employment, and continued support once you have started.
  • Help talking to your employer about your needs at work.
  • Meetings over the phone or in person at a location that is convenient for you.

If we work with you we will work in a place that suits you.

You can sign up online https://thriveintowork.org.uk/sign-up  or  speak to your GP or call 0300 456 8201

Please note – this is a city-wide service, please use the contact details below rather than the address on here.

Thrive Into Work (Wolverhampton city wide service)
Wolverhampton Science Park
Wolverhampton WV10 9RU
United Kingdom