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Complex Care Service – Wolverhampton

How do we help?

This service provides community support to people in Wolverhampton with severe and enduring mental health problems such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. The team undertakes expert assessments, reviews and effective case management for individuals with complex care needs, providing effective health treatments.

The service promotes recovery through a stepped model of care, stepping the level of a service user’s care up and down in response to their presenting need.

The Complex Care Service is a multidisciplinary team that consists of nurses, occupational therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, junior medical staff, support time recovery workers and administration staff. Within the team there are also specialist personality disorder roles and lead nursing roles in Black Minority Ethnic (BME) issues, dual diagnosis (substance misuse) and physical health.

The Complex Care Service links in with other specialist mental health services to ensure effective collaboration and co-working to support recovery. These include:

  • Healthy Minds Service
  • Wellbeing Service
  • Learning Disability Service
  • Forensic service
  • Home Treatment Team
  • Older Adults services
  • Initial Intake Team
  • Community Inclusion Team (CIT)
  • Eating Disorders
  • Early Intervention Service

The Complex Care Service operates separately to social care services. They may refer into the initial intake team for social care interventions to support a care pan when appropriate.

Who can refer into our service?

We normally receive referrals from health professionals, especially GPs, Consultant Psychiatrists and substance misuse services. GPs use a system known as the Referral Assessment Service (RAS). A GP will refer you to RAS who will then be able to refer you to us or another service depending on your needs.

We also receive referrals from other teams, within the Trust, including Primary Care Liaison Teams, Early Intervention, Penn Hospital and the Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Team.

What happens in an emergency?

If someone currently receiving support from the Complex Care Service experiences a crisis in their mental health, their care plan will state what they should do. If this is not available then they should contact the Complex Care Service during normal working hours.

Outside of normal working hours, they should contact the Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Team in Wolverhampton, on 01902 444 141, or speak to their GP.

What about carers and families?

We know that carers can play a huge part in helping someone on their journey towards recovery. This is why we invite carers to be involved in making care plans, if the person being supported is happy with this.

In Wolverhampton the Carers’ Team is led by Wolverhampton City Council, the team can make referrals for carers to their support unit.

How do you reach us?

Wolverhampton North Complex Care Team
Steps to Health
Showell Circus
WV10 9TH

Phone: 01902 443640 or 01902 443667

Wolverhampton South Complex Care Team
Penn Hospital
Penn Road

Phone: 01902 443977 or 01902 443964